Out To Sea

(1997) ** 1/2 Pg-13
109 min. 20th Century Fox. Directors: Martha Coolidge, James Spencer, E. J. Foerster. Cast: Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Dyan Cannon, Gloria DeHaven, Brent Spiner.
Another vehicle for Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau? A cruise ship, no less? Surprisingly, this long-in-the-tooth duo, long settled into their fussy-growly shtick, haven't worn out their welcome in this new Martha Coolidge comedy. Lemmon plays Herb, a widower conned into taking a free cruise with his brother-in-law Charlie (Matthau). The catch: Charlie signed up the two of them to be dance hosts. Herb is a great dancer, but Charlie is a hopeless case. Their initiation into the cruise line dance host world is great fun. Their boss is a sorry, slick, controlling, egomaniac emcee/singer/entertainment director (Brent Spiner of Star Trek fame) who reminds his hosts that fraternizing with the guests is strictly prohibited. Fat chance: Lemmon is reluctantly swept into a sweet and surprisingly poignant romance which threatens his devotion to his late wife, and Charlie goes gold-digging in the deep end of the social pool with highroller Dyan Cannon.
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